A Power Plan is Crucial 2020-05-08

Question: What’s worse than being quarantined in your home? Answer: Being quarantined in your home with NO POWER! On May […]

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Earthquake Preparedness Tips 2019-09-13

There Will Be No Shaking in Our Boots When the Shaking Starts… Get Earthquake Prepared Let’s consider something not that […]

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A Back-Up Generator May Not… 2020-03-23

Time to Get Our Collective Heads Out of The Sand. “Grid” Your Teeth and get prepared, because a back-up generator […]

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New California Law Causes Uncertainty 2019-07-02

A New California Law Was Passed Creating Confusion… On September 21, 2018 a new California law was passed.  Governor Jerry […]

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An Emergency Standby Generator Can… 2019-06-26

Brush and Wildfire Season is Upon Us…How Close Will the Next Wildfire Strike to You? Installing an Emergency Standby Generator […]

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San Andreas Fault Line 2019-04-16

On February 9, 1971 at 6:01am, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake ripped across a 12 mile fault line. The 1971 Sylmar […]

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Do’s and Don’ts When Blackouts… 2019-03-19

We don’t realize how much we depend on electricity until it’s gone. Almost everything in our lives requires power. When […]

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Mandatory Power Shutoffs are Here… 2019-01-24

In 2018, Californians witnessed an eventful year when it comes to power grid vulnerabilities which makes having an Emergency Standby […]

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PG&E Issues A Mea Culpa! 2019-02-28

This morning, Thursday February 28, 2019, PG&E openly admitted to the knowledge of one of their power lines “likely” causing […]

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