Customer Generator Testimonials

LT Generator Reviews and Testimonials

Recommend for the Fabulous Experience

The most hard working, lovely workers I have ever encountered. The best were Ruben and his crew. Every step was totally professional and smart and amazing. A fabulous experience. And Crystal at the office was super helpful. I recommend this group to anyone needing a generator.

-Victoria Waller, Los Angeles, CA

Professional, Responsive and High Quality

Highly recommend!!! They do the complete job . I bought a generator and the install was a bit complicated but they do everything!!! Very professional. Now all my neighbors are using there service.

-Andrea Layne, Beverly Hills, CA

Professional & Reliable

From start to finish LT Generator was extremely professional and reliable. We received a quote on a 22KW Generac Whole House backup generator and were told it would take about a month to schedule the installation. To our pleasure they were able to give us an installation date two weeks early. Their crew led by Nick was on time, well prepared and equipped and got the job done with great precision and efficiency. We’re quite impressed and look forward to a long customer relationship with LT.

-Ric R., Malibu, CA

Fast & Efficient

Chuck and his merry men just completed the installation of our 22KW generator. They were professional, swift, neat  and very knowledgeable.  They completed in half day. Fantastic! Good suggestion of Chuck for me to video record the instructions he provided.

-Patricia S., Malibu, CA

Woolsey Fire Installation Just in Time

Our house burned down in the Woolsey Fire 2018.  We implemented a back up generator as we just got our C.O. in 2020.  The first Santa Ana Wind just blew this morning and all power was lost. Thank god for this Generic Generator we don’t have to leave.

-Lani H., Malibu, CA

Very Professional & Excellent Communication

Very professional.  Excellent communication with followup. I was happy that team members had responsibily for certain aspects of the business from sales to completion.  The Arnold Team was a group of young men that installed our unit.  They were exceptional, professional courteous, no nonsence kind of men. Explained system thoroughly after installation.  Thank you LT Generators for a smooth transaction.

Carol R., Los Angeles, CA

Very Reasonable Cost

Very pleased with our install experience. Tommy was great to deal with and very informative. They got us a quicker install date then expected for a very reasonable cost. Work was quickly done and very clean. Would highly recommend.

-Matt E., Thousand Oaks, CA

Fair Price and Spectacular Maintenance Program

This company knows what they are doing and does it very well! They installed a whole house generator for me for a very fair price and did a beautiful job. Their maintenance program is spectacular and everyone who works there is competent, Pleasant and Knowledgeable. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

-Laura A., Sherman Oaks, CA

I Recommend LT Generators

I would recommend this company if you are interested in a generator.  Scheduling was efficient, the installation team was great.  More importantly, we had a power outage right after the generator was installed, and the generator kicked right in. We were the only house on the block with lights on!

-Rochelle V., Los Angeles, CA

Entire Crew Was So Professional

We just had a generator installed by LT Generators. What an amazing group.  The entire crew was so professional.  They were timely, efficient and when the project was finished you couldn’t tell where they had installed buried electrical and gas lines in our yard.  I mean it was spotless.  Before they left they asked us to check everything to make sure that we were completely satisfied.   Fairly high winds are expected tonight and we will rest easy knowing that we will have power in an area that is often subject to power outages.  Our daughter has one of their generators as well and we recommend them highly.

-Cynthia M, La Canada Flintridge, CA

The Best Investment

We had a fire in Malibu and it’s been 8 days without power and my LT generator has been working the entire time. My koi fish have their oxygen and we’ve been able to use power at the home. This was the best investment I have ever made. LT generators has been with us the entire time, answering our calls with questions such as how to put new oil in and such. I would highly recommend using this company. Best generator company out there. I can’t thank them enough!!

-Eva L., Malibu, CA

One of the Most Professional Companies

This is one of the most professional companies that I have ever dealt with. I can’t recommend them enough. The office staff and installation team are fantastic. Courteous, available, and always on time. I got three estimates for the generator. LT was the third estimate. When Lenny from LT came for the estimate, I could tell right a way that he knew what he was doing. LT’s estimate was less than the other 2 bids and was for a larger generator than the other companies recommended. Installation was flawless. Very happy customer.

-Michael H., Los Angeles, CA

Saved Us During Super Bowl Sunday!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and my power went out right in the middle of the game…*Listening for my generator to kick in..Still listening… Nothing!!!!  I panic-dialed LT’s after-hrs line, reached Lenny the owner, and he immediately hopped in his car and drove 45 minutes in the pouring rain to my house.  I’m sure you guessed from my 5 star rating that he fixed it and all is well. Knowledgeable, polite, professional. Above all, HE GOT IT DONE!

-Mark R., West Hollywood, CA

I highly recommend them!

We have lost power in our neighborhood a few times since we installed our generator due to power outages & electrical storms. It is incredible to have power to the appliances & electronics that we need most. It is a good feeling to know that in a crisis we are still able to have power where most needed! LT Generator staff has been there whenever we have needed them for maintenance & assistance. I highly recommend installing a generator with them.

LS, Calabasas, CA

Great Job!

Perfect! This company knows it’s product and knew my needs. Everything from the first estimate inspection through the end of installation, Everything went very well. Thanks to everyone involved. This is a top notch company!!

Valencia, CA

LT Generators is Great

After doing couple weeks of research, I came across LT Generators, and so glad we did. This company is extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. from their sales staff to their installer, great experience working with them. they know their product, very professional and they do a very neat clean job all in one day. ….an they were priced very well!

Liz, Altadena, CA

LT Generators is EXCELLENT

LT Generators did a very challenging install for me at my home and found a way to get it done right and I was really impressed with their ability to problem solve. They also do a great job maintaining yearly several large generators for other properties of mine.

Dane, Westlake Village, CA

Excellent Dealer

Our home was without power for close to 24 hours but our generator worked flawlessly. My wife and I thank LT Generators for an immaculate installation, fair pricing and a system that worked (who knew until we lost power). Our neighbors thank LT too. We were able to brew coffee!

Zuggy, Studio City, CA

Great, efficient experience!

The team at LT Generators were great – from sending someone out to get me a quote to scheduling and performing the installation, everything went super well. The team were super professional and worked very quickly (it only took half a day). They left the space exactly as they found it, plus a brand new generator! I am very pleased with the whole experience.

Melinda, Los Angeles, CA

Great Company

We installed a 22Kw whole house natural gas generator. The crew was great, clean and very efficient. Communication between the office and the crew was great. I would definitely recommend LT Generators. Thank you Lenny and your team.

Encino, CA

Highest Recommendation

I have now used LT Generators on two homes. Each time they performed flawlessly, determining the generator that would best meet my needs, finding the best location for the generator and completing the installation in a single day. Plus, outstanding service and support. Total honesty and competence in dealing with them. That’s a hard to beat combination. I recommend them highly.

Los Angeles, CA

Excellent experience!

I decided I wanted a generator as the ultimate luxury – that thing you buy that you hope you’ll never need; I was committed but not certain I was making the right choice. At every step along the way LT GENERATORS’ professionalism reassured me that I had certainly chosen the right company for the job. They arrived in the morning and by 3PM the job was complete. I am a manic OCD person and LTG’s work is clean, precise, and fits in perfectly with my house. I am 100% satisfied. As far as price, I did my homework and was confident LT knew their business – and they did. The job was handled perfectly. I am pleased. Of course being OCD, Im out there everyday wiping the darn thing down – I may not use it everyday, but I am relived the generator is there and proud of this smart and useful decision ! Thank you LT GENERATORS !

Tom, Los Angeles, CA

Extraordinary from start to finish

My wife and I were considering getting a back-up generator for years; living in LA, the threat of “the big one” (earthquake) is ever-present, and this year, our power was out for 14 hours after a winter storm, which sealed the deal. Lenny came to our home within a day or 2 after we called LT and e-mailed a bid the next day. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of backup generators (i.e. how they’re completely different from solar arrays) and was very helpful in deciding on how we should configure ours. Due to an unexpected cancellation, our install was performed the day after we signed the contract. The next morning, Lenny arrived with a virtual brigade — including an outstanding supervisor/electrical engineer, a plumber, electrical assistants and even a landscaper. They placed, plumbed, trenched, wired and replanted our yard in….ONE (1) day! The generator was placed perfectly and our yard looks untouched. Our power went out again in a recent windstorm. We sat in the dark for a total of 12 seconds as our Generac swung into action and the lights popped back on. In the meantime, my DirecTV took almost 10 minutes to come back! We feel a lot more prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way! I’m now planning to have Lenny install another system for my business.

Studio City, CA

Mark Los Angeles, Ca

One would think LT stands for “Leading Team” even though it is really for the family business. Generac is the leader in Generators and LT is the leader in Los Angeles. Remarkable responsiveness, an impressive professionalism, and unbelievable respect for our schedule and property and an A++ installation. It is great to have their size work in your favor in their responsiveness, especially since you are preparing for an emergency. Even when compared to all of the local talent, they are head and shoulders above the options in ease to work with, flexibility and consideration. And on the actual work side, they have a team that is unbelievably nice, courteous, prompt, and eager to please. Could not more highly recommend anyone. And I am happy to answer any questions should you really need to speak with someone before your installation.


Eric Los Angeles, CA

My experience with this dealer could not have been better. I’m a homeowner and have been procrastinating for a few years on whether to get a backup generator. I finally decided to pull the switch and received a couple of estimates for installation of a backup gas generator. LT Generators was clearly the class of the field. They went through all my options and provided me with a very reasonable estimate. I was especially impressed with the owner, Lenny, who personally came to my house, reviewed my particular needs, gave me the estimate and answered all my questions. The installation was done on time and was flawless. Most importantly, the electricity in my neighborhood has gone out twice in the last 3 months (once for only an hour but once for about 8 hours) and both times the generator kicked in seamlessly and worked perfectly. Many of my neighbors came by and were amazed that we had electricity. I’m really happy with my decision to get a backup generator as it gives me peace of mind (especially since we have sump pumps and our house could be easily flooded if our electricity goes out during a rain storm). LT Generators has been great and they have delivered on everything they said. I highly recommend them.


Steve Los Angeles, CA

LT was very professional and the response and installation was flawless.They made it very easy!


Dr. Imad Rasool Chatsworth, CA

I retained LT Generators a few months ago to repair and service me and my sons generators. They were experienced, professional, responsive and courteous. Their office manager, Merry and other staff were friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I highly recommend their services.

Dr. Imad Rasool

Alexandria Newbury Park, CA

From day one I’ve had nothing but incredible customer service, and friendly guys who came in and installed my generator. They’re extremely professional and took great care of me! They are AMAZING! Thanks Lenny and everyone in the company!


SM Encino, CA

We have nothing but good to say about LT Generators! They are always easy to get a hold of, on time for appointments, professional, friendly, and very well educated! We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking or a fined tuned business to do business with!


Brett Los Angeles, CA

LT Generators is that rare company in today’s world that delivers what they promise. They showed up on time, finished the job quickly, and did all the work that they promised and a bit extra. They charged a fair price and back up their work. They will be handling all our needs in the future and I will recommend their services to anybody in need.


JJ Thousand Oaks, Ca

We purchased a 20KW standby generator from LT Generators. The entire staff was knowledgeable and courteous, and Lenny (the owner) went out of his way to make sure that we purchased the right piece of equipment to meet our needs, and that were satisfied with the result. The installation went forward as scheduled, and the job was completed in 1/2 the time promised-an added bonus! The work was done neatly and professionally, the job site was cleaned and the system was started-up and tested before the installers left. Also, we were given a full tutorial and demonstration. Most importantly, a recent power outage proved that the system works exactly as we expected based on the above. If the need arises in the future, I will definitely purchase from LT Generators again, and I would highly recommend that you do the same!



LT Generators is a full-service company that matches customers’ power needs with the best products available. We’ve had an industrial strength GENERAC they installed about five years ago and it is “always there” for us when the power goes out. We’re dark for 30 seconds, then right back on. Their service is “always there”, too, making sure everything is in perfect condition when we need it. Now, as a homeowner, I never worry about losing power. I have full confidence in LT’s great machinery and maintenance.

Topanga, CA

Pac Vet Torrance, CA

Dealing with the owner, Lenny was great. Made it easy to understand what we were getting. Ordering the commercial generator fell within the time frame he said. Crews were professional and Bill the supervisor was great. Highly recommend.

Pac Vet

Shell Gas Station

Lenny and his crew did a great job! Very detailed and they explained every step to me. They installed the generator at a gas station and they did it with care and friendliness like it was their own home. Highly recommended!

Meredith Northridge, CA

All of the reviews say that Lenny, the owner and hands-on leader of LT Generators, is terrific. He absolutely is. Part of what makes his business so good is that he hires excellent people to work for him. I found LT Generators on the Generac find-a-dealer section. I called their number: “LT Generators. This is Merry speaking. How may I help you?” A real, live person answering the phone??? Wow. Merry is wonderful. Lenny came to my house a few days later and checked everything over and explained all o my options. Another contractor (not from the Generac Website) had told me he’d have to tear up a strip of my patio to run the natural gas line from one side of my house to the other because he needed to put the generator next to the electric box. No, said Lenny, we put the generator next to the natural gas outlet then run electrical line up through your attic to the electric box; no need to rip up your patio. Lenny directed everything to my personal situation and needs; did not try to sell me more than I needed. Lenny said they stock these generators so they could begin the job few days later and finish it the following work day. The job foreman, Bill, showed up promptly at 7:00 am with his crew. He said he thought they could work late and finish that day. They did. When I first met with Lenny, he gave me a hand-written estimate/quote. A couple of hours later, Merry emailed me the same quote but as a typed up formal bid. Same with my deposit and balance due then invoices paid and everything else. All of this and a price which seemed reasonable to me. I would recommend LT Generators to anyone and everyone. Yes, I recommend this dealer.


CM Agoura Hills, CA

Lenny, your crew was professional, on-time and efficient. As far as I can tell, they did a bang up job. Thanks!


Kiwi Valencia, CA

This is the second time I have used LT Generators and they have been a pleasure to do business with on both occasions. I will continue to utilize their services for my future generator needs and I will have no problem referring them to others.


Ann Oxnard, Ca

Responsiveness was excellent; very professional and knowledgeable; quick turnaround and follow through; they took the time to explain everything at my level. I would not hesitate to recommend them or call on them again, should I need anything else. Yes, I recommend this dealer.


Rick Los Angeles, CA

During a four day power outage in Los Angeles, we were the only house in our neighborhood with lights, heat, and power. My folks, who needed full time care, had a unit in their home, also. It literally saved their lives and our peace of mind. If its cold, wet and windy and the power fails, the generator is like the Calvary arriving. LT does a clean, quick, professional job, and services the units annually. LT is friendly, honest and thorough. On a scale of 1 to 10 we give them a 15!


Cal Net Tech Chatsworth, CA

We had a manual generator transfer switch installed along with the requisite wiring for a temporary generator hookup at our corporate office. The work was performed as requested and the company worked around our business needs and schedule. Yes, I recommend this dealer.

Cal Net Tech

Hidden Hills, CA

Great organization in all aspects. From dealing with the CEO to the office manager my questions were answered politely, quickly and correctly. Any appointments made resulted in LT Staff arriving with no drama.

Hidden Hills

Los Angesles, CA

LT Generators was able to guide us through purchasing, choosing safe placement, and installing. They worked quickly and professionally with a friendly crew, and adapted to our constraints and requests. They knew what they were doing and where knowledgeable of their product. We continue to use LT Generators to service our generators and tank, and will call for any future needs.

Los Angeles

Realtor Beverly Hills, CA

I have already referred LT Generators. His staff is very professional and helpful including his office manager. I have a property management firm and will use them again.


Todd Encino, Ca

I just wanted to thank you for the extra time and effort you put into the sale and installation of our Guardian Quiet Source Generator. It has performed to levels you have said it would. From explaining everything about the generator (size, how it works, where to install) to the actual installation (showing up when promised and keeping all the areas working cleaned throughout the process). You and your personnel did a wonderful job. Thank you again for everything, we could not have been happier!


C.F. Malibu, CA

After disappointing service from another company, LT Generators was recommended to us by the manufacturer. We have found them to be consistently reliable, dependable, and professional!


Jordan Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I’m very pleased with LT Generators. Found them to be very easy to deal with. Easy to get a hold of staff who are friendly, knowledgeable, and very responsive. I put in a request for an estimate and got a very prompt response. They arrived on time and quickly assessed the installation issues and provided a detailed estimate. I asked many questions about the installation and was impressed with knowledge and experience they demonstrated. When staff arrived to perform the installation they were on time and extremely professional. A 3 man crew arrived and immediately went to work. Each member of the crew was very friendly and very hard working. They did an excellent job and answered all my questions and made sure I clearly understood the operation of the unit. Very patient and knowledgeable. They had the installation done in a single day. No goofing off with these guys. I highly recommend LT Generators. They know their business , are a pleasure to deal with, and get the job done on time and as promised.


Eric Los Angeles, CA

LT Generators did a great job installing my generator. I originally had ordered a 17KW generator which would not have run my entire house but would have been sufficient to run the major items we were concerned about. When they showed up to install it they told me that they had run out of 17KW generators and rather than have me wait for a new one to come in, they were going to give me a 20KW generator for basically the same price. This would enable us to run the entire house and was a substantial upgrade. They did the job on time, installed it perfectly, cleaned up so the area looked even better than before they started their work, trained me in how to use the backup propane tank, and everything worked perfectly. They were professional, reasonably priced and a pleasure to deal with.


Jack Laurel Canyon, CA

My general contractor steered me in the direction of LT Generators, and that was the best thing to have done. Lenny and the rest of his team are incredibly professional and very responsive, and they work really well to fit my schedule for when routine maintenance is needed for my backup generator. The installation was really easy, given the scale of work required to install a permanent residential backup generator. Living in the Hollywood Hills–where the power stupidly goes out from the slightest rain or wind!– made this one of the wisest investments for my house. My neighbors are jealous when they see the lights on at my house in a sea of darkness! I tell anyone who considers buying a backup generator for their house to go to LT Generators.


C.M. Malibu, CA

Now that I have my back-up generator, I sleep better knowing I don’t have to worry about losing power along with comfort, information, and security that comes with it. I look forward to having LT Generators service my generator and I will definitely recommend them to my friends.


Mr. Mulholland Los Angeles, CA

They are diligent and very well organized. Constantly reaching out through emails with reminders as well as making us aware of potential service upgrades. This is my 2nd Generac and my 2nd generator company and I could not be happier.

Mr. Mulholland

WineCop Valencia, CA

I researched home backup generators online, then found LT Generators listed as a recommended dealer for Generac. A site visit to their office convinced me to use them for my purchase and installation. The delivery and installation was completed by a very professional crew in one day. I am a very satisfied customer.


Michael from Bel Air, California

When I decided to install an emergency generator for my home, I wanted to find someone who I could trust to do the best quality work from start to finish. Thank you for delivering on this goal by providing the highest level of quality work. We would gladly recommend this company to our family and friends.

Michael from Bel Air, California

Tye from Hollywood Hills, California

As a general contractor, I am usually able to critique any work done for me and give my opinion on how it could be done better. However, I can not in this case. The work was done when you said it would be. It took as long as you said it would take. The interruptions were minimal. And the work was neat and perfect. That’s a lot to say from someone like me. Again, thanks. Consider me a satisfied customer.

Tye from Hollywood Hills, California

Judge K from Encino, California

I thought you would appreciate my first experience with my new Generac generator. I awoke one morning and all the lights were on, as they should be. It wasn’t until I was able to get a view of the neighborhood that I realized it was blacked out. Instead of a potential emergency, the power outage proved to be nothing more than a commercial for your services.

Judge K from Encino, California

Simon from Beverly Hills, California

LT Generators provided me with a generator system that provides all my needs when the power goes off. It has been reliable and is also serviced by them. We are completely satisfied in every way. Thanks Lenny

Simon from Beverly Hills, California

David from Hancock Park, California

Our LT Generator is a great capital improvement. After one too many blackouts we had Lenny come out and install one. When the power went out recently our generator kicked in within 30 seconds and all my power came back. Wow that was pretty cool! I would highly recommend these guys! Thanks a bunch Lenny -LT Generators

David from Hancock Park, California

Jim from Van Nuys, California

LT Generators installed a backup generator for our main data and communications center. They presented several options and recommended what they thought would be best for our needs, LT Generators did a very nice job installing the unit for us and I’m sure they will provide the same level of professional and courteous service we have experienced for anyone who would choose to use their company!

Jim from Van Nuys, California

Steve from Lancaster, California

LT Generators did a great job installing our generator. Professional and experienced are the words that come to mind. Attention to detail was not overlooked!

Steve from Lancaster, California

Phil from Los Angeles, California

I took mother natures abuse for too many years and now that i have a generator i still get abused by my neighbors that call as soon as the power is out wanting to know why i have power? Thanks to Lenny and LT Generators my new generator provides power whenever i need it! I would highly recommend LT Generators to anyone thinking about installing a generator. They are 110% professional in their workmanship and product and i couldn’t be happier!

Phil from Los Angeles, California

Darla from Thousand Oaks, California

I had been looking for a generator and when I received the mailer from this dealer I called immediately. It was nice meeting with them and they were helpful in educating me on the right generator to meet my needs. The power goes out often here so I no longer have to worry about my security, which is absolutely wonderful!

Darla from Thousand Oaks, California

Regina from Panorama City, California

I would recommend this dealer to anyone considering a home backup system. The entire experience went smoothly from purchase to installation. The installation crew was wonderful. I found them to be knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

Regina from Panorama City, California