Mandatory Power Shutoffs are Here to Stay

Mandatory Power Shutoffs are Here to Stay

In 2018, Californians witnessed an eventful year when it comes to power grid vulnerabilities which makes having an Emergency Standby Generator even more of a priority. So Cal Edison, DWP, and PG&E, mandated by CPUC, have the authority to Shut Off Power at any time if their “Loss Management Team” determines that winds could “possibly” be too strong. Grid failures, wildfires, earthquakes, or downed power lines happen so please be prepared… LT Generators is Your Neighborhood Emergency Energy Solution.

If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you have reached out to us in the past regarding Emergency Standby Generators for your home or business. We want you to know that we are still here to answer any of your questions or if you would like to schedule another Site Visit with us, Call us, Email us or go to our website,, and click on “Book Free Installation Assessment”.

For existing clients, we hope that we are meeting any and all your Emergency Standby Generator needs. We would like to remind you about our referral program. Any referral that leads to a successful installation with us will result in One Free Maintenance Visit (a $595.00 value) for your generator. Two referrals which lead to successful installations with us, will receive two visits of free maintenance (One Full Yeara $995.00 value) and three referrals which lead to successful installations by us will receive four visits of free maintenance (Two Full Years $1890.00 value).

For any future customers, LT Generators would like you know that we are your Go-To, One-Stop-Shop Emergency Standby Generators Company. We are the largest Generac Generator Installer/Dealer in So Cal. We also specialize in Kolher, Cummins, Briggs & Stratton, and Champion brand generators. Moreover, we Maintain, Service, Repair, and Monitor your existing generator.

Again, please call us, email us or go to our website at Click on “Book Free Installation Assessment” and get Peace of Mind you deserve for you and your family.

Thanks for your future business with us.