A Power Plan is Crucial

A Power Plan is Crucial

Question: What’s worse than being quarantined in your home?

Answer: Being quarantined in your home with NO POWER!

On May 1st, President Trump signed Executive Order #13920 regarding our bulk-power systems which provides the electricity that supports our national defense, vital emergency services, critical infrastructure, economy, and way of life.

The present situation we are all experiencing makes us realize how vulnerable we really are and how unconscious we are of our dependence of living in the Matrix.

We depend on so much to maintain our way of life.

Every modern home is wired and connected to the power grid. We wake up every morning happy about this particular dependence. Power flows to wherever we need it to flow. Electricity works silently and assuredly and so few people understand how it works and where it comes from. Well, it comes from The Power Grid and if it is disrupted or attacked, we go dark…no lights, no refrigerators/freezers, no electronics and internet, no cell phones..and NO Air Conditioning! This is why it is important to have a power plan.

Logistically speaking, our world has changed forever. Summer is almost here and temperatures have started to raise. Presently, nearly everyone is stuck in their homes which means they’re not in their offices or places of business, schools etc. This translates to more power consumption because there’s more electricity demand and more individual air conditioners will be running at peak hours.

As temperatures rise, this extra demand for electricity will push California’s power grid to the limit. On top of that, fire season is right around the corner…and we can expect those “wonderful” Santa Ana winds will be blowing our way which will equate to DWP, Edison and PG&E shutting down power with mandatory blackouts to avoid potential fire hazards and avoid more lawsuits.

These are just facts which everyone should be thinking about!

Back-up Emergency Power Plan

If a Back-up Emergency Power Plan with a Standby Emergency Generator hasn’t crossed your mind lately, this is your wake-up call.

During this time of uncertainty, we want to do our part by helping our customers, potential customers, family and friends make an informed decision for back-up power and make it more palpable.

We are offering incredible discounts, ZERO (0%) percent financing, no credit card fees for complete purchases and free added services to make your decision going forward impossible to ignore.

For the majority of our installations, we’re in and out of your location in one day. Installations are completed on the exterior of homes and we have virtually no contact with clients. All of our crews abide by the California state mandated health protocols established for essential businesses including wearing masks and gloves while on your property.

Don’t put your Emergency Power Plans off any longer and take advantage of this Summer Sale! This offer is only good for installations booked in the next three weeks.