Kohler Transfer Switch

Kohler Residential Transfer Switch by LT Generators

Kohler Transfer Switch
100 – 400 Amps

Features & Benefits

  • Installed by LT Generators

It’s the brains behind your generator system.  The automatic transfer switch (ATS) continuously monitors the power coming from your utility.  When the power goes out, the ATS automatically transfers power from the utility to your generator.  When utility power is restored, the ATS turns off your generator and transfers back to power from the utility grid.

Automatically transfers power to your generator during an outage.

100 amp load center models use up to 16 circuit breakers (up to 8 tandem breakers can be used for a maximum of 24 circuits).
Compatible with all Kohler generators.
User-friendly LED display indicates performance status.
Ideal for adding generator to buildings with previously installed electrical.
Nema 3R, outdoor rated aluminum enclosure
Provides quiet weekly exercise with complete system diagnostics.
5 Year Limited Warranty