Kohler Standby Generator 8-10KW

Kohler Standby Generator 8-10KW by LT Generators

Kohler Standby Generator 8KW | 10KW 

Features & Benefits

  • Installed by LT Generators

Kohler 8RESVL 8kW or 10RESVL 10KW Natural Gas or Propane, Air Cooled Standby Generator and OnCue Plus Generator Management System.

When you lose power during an outage or storm, a hard-working Kohler generator keeps your appliances working, the heat or AC running and your security system on.  OnCue Plus Generator Management System is standard with every RESV or RESVL generator.

High Quality Power – Kohler home standby generators provide advanced voltage and frequncy regulation along with ultra-low levels of harmonic distortion for excellent generator power quality to protect your valuable electronics.

Powerful – The Kohler generator can easily start and run a 4 ton air conditioner with up to 5kW preload.*

Reliable – Kohler is known for extraordinary reliability and performance and backs that up with a 5-year or 2000 hour limited warranty.

Enclosure – Bold new Kohler design in steel, dipped in e-coat for extra corrosion protection and painted with a durable powder coat finish.

Remote Monitoring – Every generator comes standard with OnCue Plus, Kohler’s remote monitoring system, which gives you peace of mind at hoome no matter where you are in the world.

The Power You Need
– PowerBoost technology provdes power to start large loads such as central air conditioners without dropping power to other appliances.
– Extraordinary peak motor-starting capacity: 8RESV or 10 RESVat 16.8kVA at 240V
– Powered by reliable Kohler SV620 engine with efficient OHV design, operation speed is 3600 rpm (the standard for air-cooled generators).

The Conveniences You Expect
– DC2 controller designed for today’s sophisticated electronics manages both the generator set and Model RXT transfer switch functions.
– Accepts natural gas fuel pressure as low as 3.5 inches W.C.
– Quiet, neighborhood-friendly operation with sound levels similar to a typical central air conditioner.
– Meets 181 mph wind rating.
– Runs on either natural gas or liquid propane (LPG) with simple switching between natural gas and LPG in the field.
– Streamlined installation, simple terminal block for easy field connections.

*Based on generator and load size. Check the appliance manufacture’s specifications for actual power requirements.

Automatic Transfer Switch is sold separately.  Compatible with RXT Series

IMPORTANT:  Warranty Coverage – Stationary standby applications used as a backup to a commercial utility source: Five (5) years from the registered startup date (or, if there is not a registered startup date, the date of purchase by the original end user) or 2000 hours (whichever occurs first).

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