Cummins Transfer Switch

Cummins Residential Transfer Switch

Cummins Transfer Switch
100-600 Amps

Features & Benefits

OTEC transfer switches are designed for operation and switching of electrical loads between primary power and standby generator sets.  The switches monitor both power sources, signal generator set startup, automatically transfer power, and return the load to the primary power source once a stable utility is available.

Microprocessor Control:  Easy-to-use, standard control, LEDs display transfer switch status, push buttons allow operator to activate control test, exercise timing and transfer mode.

Programmed Transition:  Open transition timing can be adjusted to completely disconnect the load from both sources for a programmed time period.

Positive Interlocking:  Mechanical and electrical interlocking prevent source-to-source connection through the power or control wiring.

Easy Service/Access: Single-plug harness connection and compatible terminal markings simplify servicing.  Access space is ample.  Door-mounted controls are field-programmable, no tool is required.