Cummins QuietConnect™ Series

Cummins QuietConnect™ Series Home Standby Generator 13KW | 17KW | 20KW 

Features & Benefits

  • Installed by LT Generators

The QuietConnect™ series of home standby generators is enhanced with features – like weather protective, sound insulated enclosures – for a best-in-class 65dB or lower noise, approximately the same volume as a normal conversation.  It offers a wide range of powerful backup solutions. Whether you live in a smaller home with lower backup needs or a larger home where more power is necessary, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing life can go on normally, and quietly, even when the power’s down.

Cummins generators are engineered, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

  • Designed to Be Extremely Quiet
  • Remote Diagnostics Capabilities
  • Incredibly Efficient Operation
  • Extremely Compact Design
  • Designed for Durability
  • Intelligent Load Management
  • Customizable Backup Power Solutions

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