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We are a full-service generator company serving Southern California since 1982. Find out which standby generator is right for your home or business by scheduling an in-person assessment with LT Generators.

What to Expect During Your On-Site Assessment

When our experts arrive at your home or business, they’ll inquire about your essential power requirements that you’ll need to keep your household or business functioning.  They will engage you in every step of the process.

Once the assessment is complete, they will deliver a customized, professional proposal that spells out the “what”, “where”, “whys” on the complete process.

The proposal will include multiple generator & emergency power solutions.  Additional information on product specifications, cost breakdown, payment & financing options will also be included.

Book On-Site Free Residential Assessment

Fill out the form below and one of our generator experts will contact you to book your in-person free assessment & consultation.  They will discuss your backup power requirements & explain the installation process to help you choose the best generator for your needs.

* Free Installation Assessment Only Applies to Residential Assessment.

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