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As a Generac Authorized dealer, LT Generators of Van Nuys, CA brings you peace of mind with a full line of reliable Generac products backed by world-class service and support. Explore our product selection, then contact us so we can help you select the Generac solution that's just right for you.

  • Emergency power systems that can back up your entire home or business, or just the most essential circuits.
  • Portable power products that let you take your electricity where you need it most, whether it’s a tailgate party or a construction site.
  • Power washers that make it easy to tackle even your toughest cleaning projects.

We Are A PowerPro Premier Dealer

PowerPro is the highest level of distinction available to members of Generac’s dealer network and open only to those that meet the most rigorous set of sales and customer service criteria.  Like LT Generators, PowerPro dealers consistently provide outstanding customer service, maintain local product and parts inventory and receive high reviews from their customer base.  PowerPro dealers are committed to providing an outstanding sales and service experience.

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One would think LT stands for "Leading Team" even though it is really for the family business. Generac is the leader in Generators and LT is the leader in Los Angeles. Remarkable responsiveness, an impressive professionalism, and unbelievable respect for our schedule and property and an A++ installation. It is great to have their size work in your favor in their responsiveness, especially since you are preparing for an emergency. Even when compared to all of the local talent, they are head and shoulders above the options in ease to work with, flexibility and consideration. And on the actual work side, they have a team that is unbelievably nice, courteous, prompt, and eager to please. Could not more highly recommend anyone. And I am happy to answer any questions should you really need to speak with someone before your installation. Mark

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