Millions of Californians Without Power? 2021-05-10

Millions of Californians Without Power?

Last October, over millions of California residents went without power as utility companies in both Northern California and Southern California preemptively turned off power due to high winds and low air humidity.

Almost a million residents in California had their power shut off by PG&E. After a strong Santa Ana wind forecast in Southern California around 175,000 Edison customers in 8 Southern California counties had their power shut-off. While it has happened before in both Northern California and Southern California, this has been an unprecedented amount of homes with their power shut down.

Things Are Getting Worse

Well it’s a year later and things haven’t gotten any better if fact, they almost seem worse. This summer, California initiated rolling blackouts for the first time since 2001. Gov. Newsom was quick to give a speech saying the blackouts were “unacceptable” and promised an investigation into what went wrong. So what went wrong?

Electric Grid

Our electric grid is managed by an organization named California Independent System Operator or Cal ISO. Cal ISO’s job is to manage various supplies of energy and turn it off or on when necessary, and find out who has surplus energy from other states to meet our demand for electricity in California. Well, Cal ISO couldn’t find enough energy supply to meet the California’s demand so subsequently they called a stage 3 emergency and demanded selected energy companies turn off power to many of its customers in order to prevent the grid from failing everyone at once.

The Blackouts we experienced were not a surprise or the result of mechanical failure. It was an emergency response to a lack of our State’s energy supply.

Power Outages

The power outages will get worse and more frequent as the state becomes more reliant on renewable energy. The Public Utilities Commission has mandated utilities should triple their battery storage for electricity by 2026. But this won’t make up for the natural-gas and nuclear plants that are slated to shut down in the interim—or the state’s power shortfalls during heat waves.

California is currently facing some of the highest risk of weather of the year. Hurricane-level winds and extremely dry conditions means that the ability for a fire to start and rapidly spread is likely. Over 400,000 residents are currently without power due to preemptive shut-offs and that number can continue to increase. Officials are saying that homeowners should be ready to evacuate with little to no notice.

What can a Home Standby Generator do for you without power?

Maintain reliable power when your centralized grid system is turned off

Prevent expensive losses due to spoiled food or damage due to an outage

Provide peace of mind in the event of natural disasters

We hope you stay safe during the dangerous weather events but please consider the future. There is no doubt that a Home Standby Generator can help protect you, your family and your residence.

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